Grumman Halts Use of NPO to Replace Electronic Chip

Issue 6 and Volume 130.

Grumman Halts Use of NPO to Replace Electronic Chip When Grumman Fire Service Equipment recently advised its customers not to use the NPO Automated Flow Control Systems installed in the field, it exhibited a philosophy engendered over four decades. Grumman was proud of its record of performance for designing and building dependable systems in which men’s lives are at stake. Therefore, when tiny electronic chips in the NPO system’s electronic circuitry showed failures during laboratory test runs, Grumman advised fire departments across the country—by certified letter—to stop using the 40 systems already in use until a solution to the potential danger could be effected. Instructions for water volume from the fire fighter at the nozzle are effected through integrated digital electronic circuitry in the pumper. Should his instructions not be acted upon dependably, he could be in danger. Quality control procedure The circuitry contains 75 electronic chips. When the NPO…

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