Lightweight Wood Trusses Subtract From Fire Safety

Issue 6 and Volume 130.

Lightweight Wood Trusses Subtract From Fire Safety departments The Volunteers Corner One of the unfortunate facts of life is that the push toward more economical building construction is sometimes made at the expense of the fire fighter’s safety. An example of this is the increasing use of the lightweight wood truss. These trusses are made entirely of 2X4 lumber and the members of the truss are fastened together with steel gusset plates. Dedicated to increasing the problems of fire fighters, these trusses can be expected to fail rapidly when involved in a substantial volume of fire and in certain applications, they expand the amount of void space that is receptive to fire in a building. These 2X4 trusses are being used to support the roofs of condominiums and mercantile buildings, and they also are being used instead of solid wood beams to support floors in one and two-story buildings with…

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