Edmonton F. D. Featured On Telephone Directory

Issue 7 and Volume 130.

Edmonton F. D. Featured On Telephone Directory Edmonton, Canada, is a city which has the advantage of owning its own utilities, selling telephone service and power to its more than half million citizens. Because the city owns and operates Edmonton Telephones, the choice of a phone book cover naturally lies within the power of this civic department. Following a recent trend to pay tribute to community services on the front of the directory, liaison was made between the Edmonton Fire Department and Edmonton Telephones, with the result that the 1977 phone book cover depicts a colorful tribute to the fire department. Local artist Mike Lee portrayed some of the services offered by the fire department in a montage which shows fire suppression, rescue, medical aid, fire prevention lectures, and above all, the strong and courageous fire fighter always ready to respond to any citizen in time of emergency. The artist…

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