The Round Table

Issue 7 and Volume 130.

The Round Table departments Apparatus maintenance and repair is one of the most important functions of a fire department and one that is often neglected. Accordingly, what facilities does your department have for this function—your own maintenance shop? A central city operated facility for all city vehicles? Or is it provided by a local service station or garage? Additionally, what provisions do you have for in-station regular maintenance? George Arnett, Chief, Grand Island, Nebr.: Our department does all minor repairs on apparatus. For any major repairs the work is done at the city shop garage. There are times when they don’t have the proper tools. When this occurs, apparatus is taken to some major repair shop for proper repairs. All equipment is tested weekly and after any run. All apparatus is greased and oil changed every 1000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. All apparatus is completely cleaned each…

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