The Round Table

Issue 8 and Volume 130.

The Round Table departments Apparatus maintenance and repair is one of the most Important functions of a fire department and one that is often neglected. Accordingly, what facilities does your department have for this function—your own maintenance shop? A central city operated facility for all city vehicles? Or is it provided by a local service station or garage? Additionally, what provisions do you have for in-station regular maintenance? C. William Karn, Deputy Chief, Operations, Hagerstown, Md.: The Hagerstown Fire Department operates a maintenance shop on a limited basis. We have one fulltime mechanic, presently holding the rank of lieutenant. Repairs that cannot be handled in-station are carried out in the city signal shop. That portion of the shop we occupy is fairly well equipped for most breakdowns. However, some major repairs must still be contracted out to local garages. The maintenance officer has a ¾ -ton pickup assigned to him.…

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