Breathing Protection Dates Back To Romans

Issue 11 and Volume 130.

Breathing Protection Dates Back To Romans features The battle against smoke is an ancient one. We can only speculate as to how long ago it was when a fire fighter who had just inhaled a quantity of smoke remarked for the first time that there should be some sort of protection against it. Pliny the Elder (23-79 A.D.) mentions a crude filter respirator for use against vermillion dust, but there is little known of respiratory protection for fire fighting until the end of the 18th century. Among the first known types were those in which fresh air was pumped through a hose to a helmet or hood on the fire fighter’s head. Some early types In 1866, Charles Young described some early models of protective breathing equipment as follows: “The dress used for entering cellars on fire or buildings full of dense smoke, which now forms a portion of the…

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