Use of Chiefs to Improve Fireground Operations

Issue 1 and Volume 131.

Use of Chiefs to Improve Fireground Operations departments The Volunteers Corner A common criticism by fire fighters is that there are too many chiefs on the fireground. When there is some basis for this criticism, the fire fighters should he saying that there are chiefs moving about without specifically assigned and clearly understood duties. There are two basic types of assignments for chief officers assisting the chief in charge of a fire. The first is supervision of fire fighting operations in a specific area of the fireground and the other is supervision of supportive, or staff, activities. As a fire goes into multiple alarms, at least one higher-ranking chief arrives on the fireground along with other chief officers. When mutual aid companies are called, frequently chiefs of departments arrive with them in addition to chiefs of lower rank. Options are available to make good use of these officers. Changing responsibilities:…

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