Change in Tactics Required To Preserve Arson Evidence

Issue 8 and Volume 131.

Change in Tactics Required To Preserve Arson Evidence departments The Volunteers Corner With the nationally reported increase in the number of incendiary fires, it is time to take a look at the changes in tactics that should be made when there is suspicion of arson. Obviously, the first objective remains to extinguish the fire, but added to this objective is the necessity to preserve and protect as much arson evidence as possible without endangering life or property. In most fires, this does not become a problem, but it does involve the need for officers to recognize an incendiary situation and to immediately adjust their fire fighting tactics so the fire scene will yield the maximum amount of evidence. Once the flame has been knocked down, it is always good practice to shut down the nozzle and view the results in order to both minimize water damage and continue the act…

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