Fiscal Budget Requires Thought and Effort

Issue 1 and Volume 132.

Fiscal Budget Requires Thought and Effort features The Editor’s Opinion Page Soon every fire chief in the country will be involved with that annual chore called the fiscal budget. Some chiefs will have assistance in this. Others will have to go it on their own. But in any event, all will be called upon to produce this budget at the designated time, and to justify it in the eyes of the city or village fathers—no easy job. In essence, a budget—any budget—is a plan prepared in advance that shows how much money will be needed by an organization to operate for a definite future period of time—usually the coming fiscal year. Budgets, of course, require considerable thought and effort which is why a fire chief is (or should be) preparing his budget right now in January. The details of budget preparation are considerably too involved to be presented in this…

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