First-In Engine at Fires Distant From Main Road

Issue 1 and Volume 132.

First-In Engine at Fires Distant From Main Road departments The Volunteers Corner What does the first-in engine company do when the fire is down a long driveway—200 feet or more—in a residential area or deep inside an industrial complex? Basically, that first-in engine company officer has two objectives: (1) apply an adequate amount of water to the fire as quickly as possible and (2) immediately arrange for a continuous water supply. If it is obvious from the main road that the fire demands the use of 2 ½ -inch lines or even master streams, then it is well worth the extra time to back the engine down the driveway or a narrow road in an industrial complex and then stretch parallel lines to a hydrant. If you have large diameter hose and a manifold to which 2 1/2-inch hand lines can be attached, then stretching a 4 or 5-inch hose…

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