The Book Shelf

Issue 1 and Volume 132.

The Book Shelf departments ARSON INVESTIGATION, Robert E. Carter; Glencoe Publishing Co., Inc., 17337 Ventura Boulevard, Encino, Calif. 91316; 286 Pages, $13.95. After defining the current arson problem, the author discusses motives and the part that both fire fighters and fire departments can play in the detection of suspicious fires and preserving the scene so that when the arson investigator reaches the scene, there is something left for him to investigate. The book covers the basics that a new investigator must learn, including information on the chemistry of fire and scientific equipment for laboratory analysis of fire scene evidence. In addition to describing the particular characteristics of specific types of incendiary fires, the author details advice on interviewing witnesses, questioning suspects and preparing a case for the prosecutor. The. book is written by a man with years of arson investigation experience and is designed to help others start acquiring the…

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