Manufacturers’ Literature

Issue 1 and Volume 132.

Manufacturers’ Literature departments 80 Fire Service Products—Fire-End & Croker’s 96-page fire service catalog, No. 178, is now available. It presents a new look and new content including eight lines of FireEnd’s own hose, brass, clothing and a complete stock of accessories. Special attention is given to new products coming into demand such as smoke detectors, new rescue tools, automatic style fog nozzles and Nomex fire coats. 81 Training Films—Fire Prevention Through Films, Inc., has just published a catalog of films for teaching employees and the general public in several areas of fire prevention and general safety, including health care facilities, industry, home, school, and fire service. Films are available for purchase or rental, with no charge for preview. 82 Lights—A fully descriptive and illustrated four-color catalog presents the complete automotive auxiliary and emergency lighting products line—along with electronic switching control console and electronic sirens of Unity Manufacturing Co. All specifications…

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