The Book Shelf

Issue 2 and Volume 132.

The Book Shelf departments FLAMMABLE HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, 2nd Edition, James H. Meidle; Glencoe Publishing Company, Inc., 17337 Ventura Boulevard, Encino, Calif. 91316; 313 pages, $14.95. Aimed at the fire service, this book has the virtue of providing pertinent information on the production and uses of hazardous materials that gives the fire fighter a more comprehensive understanding of the problems posed by the characteristics of various hazardous materials. The chapters on plastic and cryogenic gases are particularly informative in this manner. The opening chapter on the chemistry of fire and the following chapter on the properties of flammable liquids provide clearly written definitions and lucid explanations of such terms as flash point, ignition temperature, flammable range and others that are vital to understanding the characteristics of hazardous materials discussed in the remainder of the book. In addition to flammable liquids, plastics and cryongenic gases, the author devotes chapters to liquefied gases,…

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