First-In Officer’s Decisions Set Pattern for Fire Attack

Issue 2 and Volume 132.

First-In Officer’s Decisions Set Pattern for Fire Attack departments The Volunteers Corner Decisions made by the first-in officer at fire are extremely important because they establish a pattern for the development of the fire attack by later arriving chief officers. If the first-in officer makes the proper decisions, the incoming chief can expand on those decisions as he issues orders to implement the appropriate strategy. Conversely, if the initial decisions are inadequate—or just plain bad—then the chief officer must issue new orders to working companies and in some cases even call in additional companies to alter the pattern of attack to fit the strategy he has selected. Good decisions by the first-in officer lead to an effective fire fighting operation with extinguishment in minimum time. Poor decisions result in loss of time as the game plan is changed, extension of fire and possibly greater endangerment of life. The fire situation:…

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