Manufacturers’ Literature

Issue 3 and Volume 132.

Manufacturers’ Literature 80 Safety Belt&emdash;Wydra Manufacturing Co. has a two-page data sheet on the Wydra safety belt which allows fire fighters to work safely on a roof and still have freedom of movement. Other uses for the belt are for ladder pipe operation and as a rear step belt. A specification sheet is also available. 81 Water Flow Test Kit—A single-page data sheet from Firecraft Division of Western Fire Equipment Co. describes the water flow test kit, which is designed for testing new engines for acceptance, and for routine pumper and hydrant flow tests. 82 Custom Pumpers—A four-color, sixpage brochure highlighting the features and capabilities of FMC’s Fire Apparatus Operation. The brochure centers on the design of the custom pumpers and the cab selections available. Also covered are the functional equipment and standard features found on the pumpers. 83 Portable Communications Equipment—A guide to Motorola’s line of portable communications equipment…

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