Safety for Fixed Ladders

Issue 3 and Volume 132.

Safety for Fixed Ladders Prompted by OSHA regulations affecting fixed ladders, two fire departments in Southern Calif., La Habra and Gardena, have installed a fixed-rail, fall-prevention system in the center of the hose-drying rack ladders. Assistant Chief Verl D. Griffin of the La Habra Fire Department explained that his city increased its interest in safety when it decided to become a self-insurer for workman’s compensation. After some investigation, La Habra installed a Saf-T-Climb, made by the Norton Company’s Air Space Devices, Safety Products Division in Cerritos, Calif. The fire department uses the racks to dry salvage covers as well as hose. The safety system consists of a rail attached to the center of a fixed ladder and a Saf-T-Lok sleeve that slides along the rail. The climber’s belt; which can withstand a minimum drop test of 250 pounds, has a front rectangular ring that attaches to two chains on the…

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