Pumps on Patrols Designed for Air-Lifts

Issue 3 and Volume 132.

Pumps on Patrols Designed for Air-Lifts Six patrol trucks with a slip-on tank and pump unit designed for lift by helicopter have been put into service by the Los Angeles City Fire Department. The full-time, four-wheel drive units were placed into service at Stations 8,24, 72, 97, 99 and 71, which are in the Santa Monica Mountains, Verdugo Hills and North San Fernando Valley. The Los Angeles City Fire Department for many years maintained a fulltime mountain patrol unit. Several years ago, the MPU was disbanded, and its activities were taken over by firemen assigned to regular stations. At that time, the patrol pickups were dispersed to mountain area stations. The 200-gallon tank, 125-gpm pump, and 200 feet of ¾-inch high pressure booster hose on a power electric reel fit into the bed of the patrol unit. One of the department’s large helicopters will be able to lift the pump…

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