The Round Table

Issue 4 and Volume 132.

The Round Table departments No matter what scientific mumbo-jumbo was used to justify it, the manning level for a fire company has traditionally been arrived at “by guess and by God.” More recently the manning level has been arrived at by the amount of money available to pay the fire fighters. Neither method is, of course, satisfactory. With this in mind, what in your opinion, and for your department, is the proper manning level for a ladder company and an engine company? And how many men do you run on each piece? B.J. McCarrel, Chief, Casper, Wyo.: In my opinion, there has been too much emphasis put on the manning of equipment. We fire chiefs have the tendency to judge a department by the size of the department in manpower rather than how good a job is the department doing. We should measure not just the fire fighters riding the…

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