Letters to the Editor

Issue 4 and Volume 132.

Letters to the Editor Smoke Alarm Advertising West bury, N. Y.: In a recent issue of Fire Engineering, Chief Elmer Chapman of the New York City Fire Department had an interesting article relative to the type and selection of smoke alarms. Since that article 1 have noted a plethora of TV advertising of smoke alarms that have a light installed. The advertising indicates that this light will lead all to safety. Quite the contrary is possible. How does the appliance get into operation? By a smoke and heat flue effect up a stairwell. The light on the smoke alarm is to light a person’s way down the stairway which contains the serious smoke and heat situation. It should be pointed out that when a smoke alarm alerts building occupants by operating, the occupants should leave in a direction just opposite to the vertical, or horizontal, area that funneled the smoke…

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