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Issue 4 and Volume 132.

From the Publishers Desk Keeping Up to Date In Fire Engineering It hardly seems all that long ago since Fire Engineering published its first articles on extra-large-diameter hose, but it must have been at least 10 years. So it was interesting to read the article on page 27 that was written for us by Wesley L. Melo, who is the training officer of the Huntsville, Texas, Volunteer Fire Department. Melo brings us up to date on this big hose, noting that improvements in materials used in its manufacture have made “handling, deployment and use relatively easy.” Melo further notes in his article that departments which use large-diameter hose can improve the deployment capability of each company, and tells us that one 5-inch hose delivers a volume of water approximately equivalent to six 2 ½-inch lines or four 3-inch lines. We won’t get into the more technical details of this article…

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