How to Use Portable Pumps And Be Happy With Them

Issue 4 and Volume 132.

How to Use Portable Pumps And Be Happy With Them The Volunteers Corner Just about every fire department, no matter how small, has at least one portable pump. The three basic uses for portable pumps are supplying water directly to one or two hand lines for fighting fire, supplying water to an automotive fire pumper, and dewatering cellars, pits and other places where unwanted water has collected. The use of portable pumps has serious limitations when used to directly supply hand lines, although their use in this manner can be expedient when the fire and the static water source (pond, brook, etc.) are close to each other and a motorized pumper cannot get within reasonable distance of either the water or the fire. Pumping capacity: The limitations on the use of hand lines off portable pumps is governed by the capacity and maximum pressure of the portable pump. In discussing…

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