Fireground Responsibilities Faced by Company Officers

Issue 5 and Volume 132.

Fireground Responsibilities Faced by Company Officers departments The Volunteers Corner Company officers are the most important people on the fireground. Highly appropriate strategy developed by chief officers depends on the capability of company officers to translate it into effective tactics and direct the efforts of the fire fighters they supervise to attain the desired results. If a company officer does not do his job well, the chief officer’s strategy will be battered by ineptitude where the extinguishment efforts and the flames meet. On the other hand, alert, adaptive company officers who know how to lead their men to extra efforts and take advantage of conditions in their piece of the fireground can provide that extra support that makes a chiefs strategic plan look inspired. The company officer, who is face to face with the heart of the action, must use common sense—common sense sharpened by experience, training and education. It’s…

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