Fire Equipment Digest

Issue 5 and Volume 132.

Fire Equipment Digest departments Paramedic Holster A rescue holster designed by a paramedic to provide quick access to tools is available from Espoir Company, Inc. The unit provides instant access to seven rescue tools including a spring-loaded window punch for car rescues; 7 1/4 -inch curved bandage scissors; 6 1/4 -inch straight and curved Kelly clamps; folding Buck knife; penlight with battery; and heavy duty, adult-size Velket tourniquet. Circle No. 3 on Reader Service Card Scanner A crystal-less scanner radio with 18 channels has been introduced by Electra Company. The Bearcat 211 features direct channel access allowing the user to manually select channels directly. In the radio’s automatic scan mode, the channels can be scanned at either five or 15 channels per second, permitting closer monitoring of desired frequencies. The unit also features a built-in digital clock and automatic squelch. Circle No. 9 on Reader Service Card Siren A siren…

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