Manufacturers’ Literature

Issue 5 and Volume 132.

Manufacturers’ Literature departments 80 Fire Hose—The new large-diameter Triple-Duty 600 fire hose is described in Catalog No. 14-TD6-D 1278 published by National Fire Hose Corporation. The 4inch-diameter hose has a 600-psi test rating. It is recommended for use as supply, relay and attack hose. This increases the volume of water delivered to the fire and simplifies fire fighting logistics in congested areas or over long distance from the water source, according to the manufacturer. The brochure includes complete specifications, as well as data on possible hose lengths and friction loss at various flow rates. 81 Footwear—Servus Rubber Company offers a 12-page, full-color catalog showing its complete 1979 line of fire fighters’ footwear. Servus footwear has the patented Proteknee and Reflekshin/Protekshin features. As an added bonus, a $1000 one-year accident insurance certificate is included with most styles. 82 Portable Tanks—Fol-Da-Tank Company has a new four-page, three-color folder describing its folding tank…

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