Volunteer Fire Service Gets National Attention

Issue 8 and Volume 132.

Volunteer Fire Service Gets National Attention features The Editor’s Opinion Page The volunteer fire fighters in this country have a tradition that goes back all the way to colonial times, a tradition that involves service to one’s neighbors and one’s community—freely given and without thought to life and limb. They started with a bucket brigade, changed to the primitive, manually operated piston pumps, then to the steam fire engine and finally to the glistening pumpers and aerials that we find today. Along the way, the volunteers acquired the skills and experience needed to combat fire—man’s deadly enemy. Early on, they realized that there were times when a small department could not cope with the occasional “big one” in town, and so they organized “mutual aid groups” with neighboring departments. In effect, mutual aid provided a small town chief with big city fire fighting resources. But beyond organizing for mutual aid,…

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