The Round Table

Issue 8 and Volume 132.

The Round Table departments Training is, or should be, an integral part of a fire department operation. Understandably, training is more difficult to accomplish in a volunteer department, as opposed to a paid, because of the limited time available to a volunteer who has a regular job. With this in mind, what regular training schedule have you established? Does it include basic training for new members? And, are the training classes well attended? C.J. Powell, Chief, Milton, N.C.: We have two meetings a month and have training every time we meet. During training for a new member we start with how to drive trucks and operate pumps. Next is hose and nozzle training. They train only along with old members. We have two county-wide fire schools each year. Training classes are well attended. As volunteers, our time is limited for training because everyone has a job. However, we try to…

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