Restoring Pump to Service After Fireground Operation

Issue 8 and Volume 132.

Restoring Pump to Service After Fireground Operation departments The Volunteers Corner As a pump operator—or pumper engineer—the condition of the apparatus is your responsibility. However, your most important responsibility is the condition of the pump because if the pump fails, your pumper is nothing more than a hose wagon. The pump manual that was delivered with your apparatus details maintenance procedures recommended by the pump manufacturer, and it is not our purpose to go into a full preventive maintenance program. However, pump operators can follow some procedures in shutting down a pump after operating at a fire that will do much to ensure the reliability of the pump at the next fire. Oddly enough, it is within reason to say that shutting down the pump actually starts before the order to do so is given. The demand for water lessens as overhaul begins. As the search for hidden fire continues,…

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