Letters to the Editor

Issue 8 and Volume 132.

Letters to the Editor departments Blessing in Disguise? Wichita Falls, Texas: It is hard to even imagine that a total power loss to a city could possibly be a blessing in disguise. Yet when the tornado struck Wichita Falls (a city of about 100,000 persons) on Tuesday evening last April 10, every power source feeding the city was cut completely. The tornado cut a devastating path approximately a half mile wide and 8 to 10 miles long through the city. The city’s disaster plan, like those of other cities, was set up and geared to function around good communications. These were all gone. Yet in an amazingly short period of time, with ham radios and battery-operated carto-car and fire-truck-to-fire-truck radio, some communication was established. The auxiliary power was then put into operation. The next big problem was the lack of power at the city water plant. With ruptured water mains,…

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