Manufacturers’ Literature

Issue 8 and Volume 132.

Manufacturers’ Literature departments 80 Fire and Safety Signs—National Marker’s 12-page, full-color catalog features its line of fire and safety signs for every marking purpose. Additional signs include fire extinguisher and hydrant location markers, pictorial See Signs, pressure-sensitive labels, and complete danger, caution, safety first and radiation series. The signs are available on self-adhesive vinyl, metal and glow-in-the dark materials. 81 Suspended Maneuvering System— McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company has published a 24-page, four-color brochure describing the Suspended Maneuvering System which is a platform designed to deploy and recover men and equipment quickly from locations which are difficult or impossible to reach. The unit is a self-contained module transported to and from the scene where needed by helicopter. Suspended by a long cable, the SMS can maneuver independently of the helicopter horizontally in any direction by means of an advanced thrust and attitude control system, controlled by an on-board operator independent of…

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