Sprinklers Required in New Buildings

Issue 9 and Volume 132.

Sprinklers Required in New Buildings Features Faced with a tremendous increase in the residential fire problem as its population doubles in the next 10 years, San Clemente, Calif., has passed an ordinance requiring sprinkler systems to be installed in new residential construction. The ordinance also applies to the remodeling of more than 50 percent of a building. There has been a great deal of talk over the years about residential fires, which account for the largest number of structural fires and take the most lives, but San Clemente has done something about the residential fire problem. The sprinkler ordinance is also aimed at restraining the cost of public fire protection while maximizing fire department services and putting technology to work for us. What prompted the passage of the residential sprinkler ordinance was a unique growth situation in the city and preparatory work by the staff of the San Clemente Fire…

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