Survivair Recalls Mark I As NIOSH Issues Advisory

Issue 9 and Volume 132.

Survivair Recalls Mark I As NIOSH Issues Advisory Features An advisory urging that Survivair Mark I pressure-demand breathing apparatus be taken out of service until they have been inspected by the manufacturer has been issued by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). In response, Survivair, a division of U.S. Divers Company, immediately halted sales and distribution of the Mark I until corrective action could be taken and instituted a recall program and factory inspection system for this apparatus. Gordon Vickery, administrator of the United States Fire Administration, joined Director Anthony Robbins of NIOSH in urging users to immediately remove Survivair Mark I breathing apparatus from service and return them to the manufacturer for inspection and correction of any problems. NIOSH comments The NIOSH advisory, signed by Director James A. Oppold of the Division of Safety Research, stated: “NIOSH has learned that the high pressure hose assembly installed…

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