Slides Make Believers of Fire Code Violators

Issue 9 and Volume 132.

Slides Make Believers of Fire Code Violators Features A program using 35mm slides to demonstrate fire hazards and fire protection to employees of large commercial and institutional facilities has received excellent acceptance in Albuquerque, N.M. Developed and presented by members of the public education and information section of the Albuquerque Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau, the presentation focuses attention on fire hazards and protection devices found in the buildings of the particular firm or institution involved. The program was devised by Fire Inspectors Sam Burnett and A1 Armenta in response to a need to show occupants of large facilities that fire safety problems did exist within their own buildings. “We needed some way to show people working in a particular buiding such hazards as fire doors blocked open or poorly marked exits, but couldn’t take them to see these hazards just due to the large number of people involved,” said…

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