TV Fire Ruling Aborted

Issue 9 and Volume 132.

TV Fire Ruling Aborted The Consumer Product Safety Commission has dropped its proceedings to develop a standard on fire safety of television sets. The commission explained on July 27 that tests have shown that it is “extremely difficult to sustain TV cabinet fires in laboratory situations.” The commission also noted that “an apparent decline in TV fire incidents” is continuing. Since 1977, almost 90 percent of the plastic TV cabinets have been built to meet a stringent flammability test contained in UL Standard 1410, the commission commented. Also, “more than 95 percent of the requirements” of the proposed standard are in the voluntary UL standard. The commission observed that 160 deaths and 11,000 residential fires “appear to be associated with TVs,” according to information received from the United States Fire Administration and the National Fire Protection Association.

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