The Round Table

Issue 9 and Volume 132.

The Round Table Departments Training is, or should be, an integral part of a fire department operation. Understandably, training is more difficult to accomplish in a volunteer department, as opposed to a paid, because of the limited time available to a volunteer who has a regular job. With this in mind, what regular training schedule have you established? Does it include basic training for new members? And, are the training classes well attended? David E. Bentley, Chief, Cedar City, Utah: Our department trains two nights each month. Summer drills consist of ladder drills, high-rise, hose tests, hydrant flushing, drafting and driving of apparatus. Winter drills include: building size-up, first aid, breathing apparatus and films. Each fireman spends at least three nights every two months at our station on night duty. Fire Engineering magazine is at the side of each bed. I appreciate the excellent information and articles and feel that…

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