Volunteer Company Formed in Ontario City

Issue 11 and Volume 132.

Volunteer Company Formed in Ontario City The experience of organizing the volunteer fire station in the Kilbride area of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, proves that the volunteer spirit still exists in areas of increasing population. Burlington is a city of over 100,000 that had a fast growth of housing and industry near Lake Ontario. At the same time, the Kilbride area in the northern part of the city was slowly growing with the development of country estates and expensive rural homes. Until last February, the city had two fire stations manned by full-time paid and volunteer fire fighters and two stations manned by volunteers. On February 1, Burlington Station 5 was opened in Kilbride with 30 volunteers. For a number of years, there had been talk of fire protection for the Kilbride area, which had no water mains and was over 5 miles from a fire station. The homeowners pressured for…

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