Eye Dominance Can Affect Class Response to Teacher

Issue 11 and Volume 132.

Eye Dominance Can Affect Class Response to Teacher features Knowing whether you are a right-eyed or left-eyed teacher can make a great difference in your effectiveness as a fire instructor. Most persons favor the use of one eye in preference to the other while listening or speaking and their perceptions are noticeably different when they are unable to use their favored eye. While observing student teachers and fire instructors in action, it was noticed that some student teachers would pay attention to portions of their class and almost completely ignore other parts. Students who were ignored responded by turning off and in the case of some high school sophomores, became disruptive. In the majority of cases, the problem was that each instructor had a preferred eye and when properly placed in the classroom, had a more successful teaching experience. Dominant eye test To determine whether you are right or left-eyed,…

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