Don’t Believe Those Crusty Old-Timers

Issue 6 and Volume 133.

Don’t Believe Those Crusty Old-Timers features The Editor’s Opinion Page Crusty old-timers will tell you that the fire service never changes. Never mind all that fancy new stuff—men, water and apparatus still provide the mainstay of a fire department. But as a senior member of the COTs, we find ourselves disagreeing with this view, particularly after reading this issue. Way back in 1938, when we first donned a blue uniform, the communications system was the same as it had been going back 50 years or more—alarm boxes and cables and private telephones linked fire fighters with each other and the citizens they served. A telegraph key in an alarm box that connected with the “telegraph bureau” provided the usual means for summoning help, and it was a wise chief’s aide who carried a pocket full of change when the paid telephone had to be used. Some 42 years later, on…

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