N. Y. State Fire Academy Stresses Need for Pure Air

Issue 6 and Volume 133.

N. Y. State Fire Academy Stresses Need for Pure Air The New York State Academy of Fire Science was founded nine years ago to provide advanced training for both paid and volunteer fire fighters from throughout the state. Between 2500 and 3000 students attend the 50 courses held at the academy each year. Along with advanced fire fighting techniques, the courses stress the maintenance and operation of fire fighting equipment. Increasingly over the years, attention has focused on compressor and breathing apparatus programs. The academy likes to emphasize the importance of training the fire fighters to use their breathing apparatus, and thinks the message is finally beginning to sink in. Purity of air a concern Ensuring the purity of the air used to fill breathing air bottles is another major concern. There has been an awful lot of bad air coming from compressors. There’s a lot of moisture and a…

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