Vermont Plan Speeds Aid For Hazardous Incidents

Issue 7 and Volume 133.

Vermont Plan Speeds Aid For Hazardous Incidents features With an increasing number of hazardous materials incidents occurring, Vermont fire service leaders developed a two-part program to handle such emergencies efficiently. Of the 250-odd fire departments in Vermont, only a dozen are paid, and funding is extremely tight. Money to purchase acid-gas-entry-suits, explosive gas meters, chlorine kits, and other tools of the hazardous materials trade is virtually nonexistent for a small department. However, Vermont has a number of perceptive fire officers and state officials who are effective in what is sometimes called interagency communications. They figured that someplace within the state there was the equipment and expertise to allow every local fire chief to effectively respond to any hazardous materials threat if an effective communications system could be developed. In late 1977, representatives of the Vermont State Firefighters Association, the Vermont Agency of Transportation, and various other agencies of state and…

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