From the Publishers Desk

Issue 7 and Volume 133.

From the Publishers Desk departments Information to the “Profession” Key to Fire Engineering Policy As you are undoubtedly aware, Fire Engineering carries the subtitle “The Journal of the Fire Protection Profession Since 1877.” Now, there are still some who will reject the word profession as applied to the fire service, but not we. In Webster’s dictionary, one of the definitions of “profession” is: a principal calling, vocation, or employment—which neatly fits the whole body of persons engaged in fire prevention and suppression. In a sampling of our subscribers we found lieutenants of a large department, officers in a military department, chiefs of all ranks in volunteer departments, fire protection engineers, building officials assigned to fire code enforcements—in fact, everybody who is a somebody connected, even remotely connected, to the fire service. We took this sampling because the number of our subscribers has just reached its all-time high, giving us the…

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