Issue 9 and Volume 133.

FIRE ENGINEERING® September 1980 Volume 133 No. 9 THE JOURNAL OF THE FIRE PROTECTION PROFESSION SINCE 1877 features 6 The Editor’s Opinion Page Fire Prevention in Action 22 To teach Preschoolers Safety, USFA Explores Route on ‘Sesame Street’ 31 Marketing Strategies Get Results in Safety Education 37 Successful Local Public Ed Programs Made Available Nationwide by PEAP 47 Why Smoke Detectors Don’t Fulfill Great Expectations for Saving Lives 58 Innovative Approach in Twin Cities Seeks Improved Code Enforcement 63 Volunteers Are Capable of Adding Prevention to Suppression Efforts 108 CETA Funds, Trainees Are Used in Countywide Smoke Detector Drive 114 Interest in Fire Education Raised by Awareness Week 121 Booth Sustains Faith People Do Care About Fire Safety 126 Planning Mass Evacuation Before Disaster Occurs IAFC Conference 73 Program 79 Exhibits 85 Personalities 89 Where to Buy—1980 Equipment Directory departments 8 The Volunteers Corner 12 The Round Table 14 Fire…

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