Planning Mass Evacuation Before Disaster Occurs

Issue 9 and Volume 133.

Planning Mass Evacuation Before Disaster Occurs features CHIEF A great deal has been written in the past few years about the strategy and tactics necessary for handling a hazardous materials incident. Yet, one aspect of the overall requirement has, unfortunately, been neglected. This area involves the evacuation of citizens as a result of a hazardous materials incident. The major reason for neglecting this area is that very few studies have been done on the planning and implementing of evacuation programs. As a result, municipal officials tend to relegate evacuation planning to some future project when more pressing needs have been taken care of. Unfortunately, there always is some major project and an evacuation plan is never formulated. This article is an attempt to summarize the present knowledge of evacuation planning and explain why the fire service leaders of a community should undertake the responsibility for plan development. The major work…

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