Pumpers Are Retrofitted For Preconnected Lines

Issue 10 and Volume 133.

Pumpers Are Retrofitted For Preconnected Lines JOHN BRASKO Battalion Chief and PETER PRAY Chief Engineer Independent Fire Co. No. I Maple Shade, N.J. The officers of Independent Fire Co. No. 1 realized that the recurring manpower problems that faced the department called for equipment and procedure changes. One of the equipment changes called for the addition of 1¾ inch preconnected attack lines. The department’s engineers undertook the design and installation of the system. Each pump manifold had extra discharges which, when unplugged, were used to supply the water for the preconnects. Gages, ball valves and snubber valves were obtained from the apparatus manufacturer. Pipe, tubing, and fittings were purchased at a local hardware store. Other parts were scrounged from the firehouse. Pumpers out of service The pumpers were, in turn, taken out of service and the curbside pump panel was taken off. The pipe plug from the appropriate unused discharge…

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