Hovercraft May Aid Future Size-Up of Hazardous Incidents

Issue 10 and Volume 133.

Hovercraft May Aid Future Size-Up of Hazardous Incidents ASST. CHIEF ROY FURR Oxnard, Calif., Fire Department A tank car carrying toxic chemicals has just derailed and fire fighters must determine what is being spilled and where the leak is. The situation could be a fire fighter’s nightmare. In the future the task of identifying the chemical and the failure causing the leak will become much less hazardous, since it will not be necessary to directly expose fire fighters for size-up. A program sponsored by the City of Oxnard, Calif., and the federal Environment Protection Agency may soon enable fire fighters to size up hazardous situations by using a space-age remote control vehicle that will be able to transmit television images as well as sample spilled material. A half-scale model of the vehicle has been completed and applications for additional funding for the preprototype vehicle are being processed. Hazardous Spills Likely…

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