Figuring Flow Capabilities Of Large Diameter Hose

Issue 10 and Volume 133.

Figuring Flow Capabilities Of Large Diameter Hose The Volunteers Corner The decision to buy large diameter hose can be made rather easily. You already know that you wish to move water at a larger flow rate than you can now. A decision that is more difficult—or at least more complicated—to make is the diameter hose to be purchased. To reach a rational decision on diameter, you should consider the fire flows required by various types of hazards and the distances these hazards are from water sources. You also have to consider the relationship between friction losses and hose diameters because these two factors affect the distance a pumper can supply a specific rate of flow—or what we call gpm. Desired fire flows: A logical way to approach the problem is to develop a list of desired fire flows for various types of areas and for target hazards. You may well…

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