Guidelines for Establishing Successful Training Program

Issue 11 and Volume 133.

Guidelines for Establishing Successful Training Program departments The Volunteers Corner More than anything else, training determines how well any fire department accomplishes its major function—extinguishing fires. Therefore, every fire department must have a successful training program to be effective. Before you can develop a training program worthy of the name, you have to follow some basic rules. Many small fire departments have had many training programs over the years that have lasted only briefly. Some larger departments have had training programs that can claim longevity, but they have become mired in boredom. How do you avoid these failures? First of all, the instructor must learn to start his classes on time—whether they be hands-on training or classroom sessions. Don’t wait for anyone. Start at the designated time and expect that everyone will have full turnout gear on at the starting time for training classes requiring such gear. The corollary to…

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