Luxury Accommodations Not Necessarily So

Issue 1 and Volume 134.

Luxury Accommodations Not Necessarily So features The Editor’s Opinion Page Let’s face it. If the law doesn’t require sprinklers or alarm systems or smoke detectors or other life protection devices and construction, the owner of a building will not put them in. Such devices add to the costs of a building. What the owner never seems to get through his head is that such devices can in time pay for themselves—through reduced insurance rates. As a consequence of such narrow thinking, people die—often in large numbers—as witness the recent hotel fire in Las Vegas and the motel meeting room fire in Harrison, N.Y. Typically, the owners of these buildings washed their hands of any blame by claiming (probably true) that the buildings were in compliance with the codes existing at the time of their construction—not much of a solace to the families of the scores who died. By inference, the…

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