Modest Property Tax Pays Medical Service Expenses

Issue 1 and Volume 134.

Modest Property Tax Pays Medical Service Expenses EMS Operations After 25 years of service with a metropolitan fire department plus an additional 18 months with the United States Fire Administration in Washington, D.C., I have been privileged to witness the birth and subsequent tremendous development of fire service EMS. Thirty years ago, EMS was at best nothing more than basic first aid (“In goes the good air, out goes the bad.”) and while lives were saved, fire fighters lacked the knowledge to save many, many more. Anyone who served in the fire service prior to present EMS can remember countless incidents where it was evident a life could have been saved if only those working on the victim had possessed additional skills. Today, EMS is a highly sophisticated pre-hospital emergency medical service. The U.S. Fire Administration claims 80 to 85 percent of all pre-hospital emergency care is being delivered by…

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