Manufacturers’ Literature

Issue 1 and Volume 134.

Manufacturers’ Literature 80 Dispatch System—A four-page brochure from Telautograph Corp. describes the company’s Telewriter dispatch system. Alarm dispatches written on a Telewriter transmitter are simultaneously duplicated at one or more selected stations. The unit minimizes voice transmission errors and provides hard copy documentation for every dispatch. The brochure contains specifications for the DY 11 transmitter and receiver and for the special control console designed specifically for fire station dispatch systems. The equipment can be leased or purchased. 81 Exit Signs—Dual-Lite, Inc., Emergency Lighting Division, announces a four-page, four-color brochure on Excite, a new exit sign that combines architectural styling with engineering know-how. Available as a standard AC only or self-contained emergency unit, Excite is constructed of lightweight injection-molded Lexan for durability. 82 Aerial Equipment—Ladder Towers Incorporated has published a 16-page, fourcolor. profusely illustrated brochure, on its aerial equipment. The brochure, entitled “Building Answers to Your Ladder Tower Needs,” describes 85…

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