Check Pump, Accessories For Operating Condition

Issue 4 and Volume 134.

Check Pump, Accessories For Operating Condition departments The Volunteers Corner Inspection of equipment is as important as fighting fires because unless your equipment is in prime condition, you won’t be able to fight fires as well as you should. Equipment inspections should be made on a regular schedule—each shift, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, depending on the specific items to be checked. For example, breathing apparatus should be inspected when each platoon comes on duty in a paid department. In both paid and volunteer departments, SCBAs also should be checked after each use of them. Volunteers also should look over their SCBAs at least once a week. In addition to the usual daily, weekly and monthly inspections of apparatus, every pump should undergo an annual service test. This test also should be conducted after every major repair. Service test procedure: Except for the length of time for each segment of…

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